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>How much is a ton of 5754 aluminum plate for auto parts

How much is a ton of 5754 aluminum plate for auto parts

The typical uses of 5754 aluminum plate are not only various pressure vessels, transportation tanks, and ship structures, but also the field of automobile manufacturing. Based on the superior performance of the 5754 aluminum sheet itself, it is favored by automobile manufacturers and is widely used in the manufacture of automobile doors, trunk lids, engine covers and other auto parts. Don't underestimate these components, they play an important role in realizing the lightweight development of automobiles, reducing fuel consumption, and protecting the safety of passengers.

What are the advantages of 5754 aluminum plate as a raw material for auto parts?

1. Lightweight, 5754 aluminum-magnesium alloy plate has low density and medium to high strength.
2. Good formability, strong plasticity and easy processing.
3. High welding effect and low crack tendency.
4. Good fatigue performance and corrosion resistance, durable.

How much is a ton of 5754 aluminum plate for auto parts?

The price of aluminum plates is mainly determined by the price of aluminum ingots and processing fees, and is also related to the specific specifications and status of aluminum plates. You should know that the 5754 aluminum plate has many different states and many specifications, and the aluminum plate requirements of each customer are different, so the quotation is also different. For aluminum sheets of regular specifications, the step of cutting again is omitted, and the price is relatively low. For special specifications, the processing complexity is relatively high, and the quotation is relatively expensive. If you want to know the quotation of the product, you are welcome to leave a message at any time.

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